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Among Us

Among Us is a cult multiplayer game from InnerSloth, which took two years to become famous worldwide. It was released in 2018, and only now it received ports to almost all popular platforms. Download Among Us to your device and go with your friends into space to find an impostor or kill all crew members.


The graphics are pretty poor even compared to mobile games. However, it was the primitive design that became its hallmark. Among Us specs are quite low, which makes it an excellent game for any device. All locations are full of many interesting things. Although there are some scenes of violence and cruelty, in our Among Us review, we'd like to note that the game is suitable for kids and teens, as it has an age rating of 9+.


Among Us gameplay will be familiar to all those gamers who previously played the classic Mafia/Werewolf. Its essence is quite simple: find a traitor and try not to die. Before the start of each match, roles are randomly assigned between the players. You can become a regular member of the crew, or you can be an impostor. All the crewmates receive a list of tasks that they need to complete as quickly as possible to win. The traitor (-s) should pretend they are on a mission to avoid drawing attention to themselves while trying to kill others secretly. Whichever team reaches the goal first will win the match. If one of the players discovers a corpse, they should call a meeting to discuss the situation and determine the killer who will be sent into outer space. Now there are three maps in the game, but a new location, The Airship, will be added soon in the next Among Us update.


Since the very first version was Among Us Android and iOS, touchscreen controls are the most convenient. You just need to tap on an item you want to interact with and use a virtual joystick to move around the map. Controlling with a gamepad and keyboard with a mouse is also quite convenient. The Among Us game is currently available for smartphones, PC, and Nintendo Switch; an Xbox One and Series X/S version is coming soon.

Impostors Are Among Us

This multiplayer game is great for having fun with your friends. You can play both with your usual company and with users from all over the world. Short rounds allow all participants to try themselves as crew members and impostors. Combined with simple controls and availability across multiple platforms, all this has made the game incredibly popular. Download Among Us to your device, and go in search of the impostors.

Among Us Logo
Author: InnerSloth LLC
Latest Version: 2020.9.9
Publish Date: September 29, 2020
Size: 70M

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