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Police Simulator: Patrol Duty

In the realm of simulation games that aim to provide players with a realistic portrayal of different career paths, Police Simulator: Patrol Duty stands out as an intriguing option. Leveraging the capabilities of Unreal® Engine 4, the game immerses players in the dynamic and detailed world of law enforcement within a lively American metropolis. It combines thrilling, action-packed moments with the routine duties of a police officer, offering a comprehensive look at the profession. Let's explore the aspects that distinguish this game, focusing on its highlights and the aspects that could use improvement.

A City Alive With Activity

At the heart of Police Simulator: Patrol Duty is its expansive and detailed open world. Spanning more than 3.8 square miles and divided into three distinct districts - financial, industrial, and residential - the city feels alive and dynamic. Each area boasts its unique challenges and crimes, keeping players engaged and on their toes. Whether it's recording traffic accidents in the bustling financial district or chasing down criminals in the residential areas, the game does an excellent job of simulating the unpredictability of police work.

Realism at Its Core

The developers have gone to great lengths to ensure a high level of realism in the game. Players get behind the wheel of three meticulously recreated police vehicles, each with functional cockpits and a range of authentic law enforcement equipment at their disposal. From using radar guns to detect speeders to handcuffing suspects, the attention to detail in these interactions adds depth to the gameplay, making each patrol feel genuinely immersive.

The Thrill of the Chase

The game is renowned for its exhilarating pursuit segments. Whether you're sprinting after suspects or maneuvering a vehicle in hot pursuit, the experience is filled with adrenaline. The game's sophisticated physics and damage systems further enhance these sequences. Collisions result in realistic vehicle damage, which not only alters the appearance of your car but also impacts how it drives, adding an extra layer of challenge to the pursuit.

Cooperation Is Key

Adding to the excitement, Police Simulator: Patrol Duty features a 2-player cooperative multiplayer mode. This option allows friends to patrol together, tackling emergencies and investigating crimes as a team. This multiplayer feature not only amplifies the enjoyment but also introduces a strategic element, as players are required to synchronize their moves for efficient district supervision.

Graphical Splendor and Simulation Quality

Leveraging the power of Unreal® Engine 4, the game delivers stunning visuals and simulation fidelity. Every aspect of the city, including its structures, vehicles, and inhabitants, is depicted with remarkable clarity, creating an immersive visual experience. The inclusion of dynamic weather patterns and a continuous day-night cycle adds depth to the gaming environment, enriching the player's experience as they navigate through their policing duties.


Patrol Duty in Police Simulator presents an immersive gaming experience, capturing the essence of police work through a combination of thrilling pursuits and the meticulous nature of routine duties. This game intricately blends excitement with the daily realities of policing, all within a meticulously crafted open-world setting. However, like every game, it carries its own set of benefits and limitations.


  • Expansive and detailed open-world environment
  • High level of realism in vehicles, equipment, and procedures
  • Exciting pursuit dynamics with realistic physics and damage models
  • Cooperative multiplayer mode enhances gameplay
  • Impressive graphics and simulation quality


  • The game's focus on realism might not appeal to players looking for a more action-oriented experience
  • Managing the various aspects of police work might be overwhelming for some
Police Simulator: Patrol Duty Logo
Author: Bigmoon Entertainment
Size: 8 GB available space

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