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Sophie's Dice Review

Sophie's Dice is an app created by Sophie Houlden. Sophie's Dice was first published on . The app is available on Steam, Other.

The ultimate 3D dice roller: roll many kinds of virtual dice, and make custom dice suited for almost any game.


  • Select dice from your collection, or enter roll expressions using standard dice notation
  • Support for many roll behaviours such as keeping or dropping highest/lowest X dice, explosion, dice pool counting, and more
  • Save roll expressions you frequently use, to easily re-roll them
  • Includes dice for most table-top RPGs*
  • Easily edit dice to make them your own
  • Includes many pre-made dice, over 300 rollable dice shapes, and lots of images/sound & visual effects for all kinds of custom dice
  • Display your own images on dice faces, and your own sound effects for when they come up**
  • Dice are saved as .xml files which you can share with other people who have Sophie's Dice

* d20 system (DnD), Fudge/Fate, Narrative system (Star Wars, Genesys), Storytelling (Vampire). If your RPG needs some other kind of dice, you can make them pretty easily :)
** Your image and audio files are loaded from a "Custom Dice" folder, just place them there and then you can use them after opening Sophie's Dice.

Sophie's Dice Logo
Author: Sophie Houlden
Size: 1 GB available space

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